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5 secrets of people with enviably healthy hair!

  1. They wash their hair with lukewarm or cold water. Hot water baths may be calming to your body and mind, but does more harm to your hair. Water temperature can make or break the condition of your hair. Use cold water to wash your hair for healthier attractive looks.


2. They eat healthy. Your hair’s condition have a close relation with your diet. Your friends with luscious locks hair become in that position as a result of gaining enough proteins, iron and calcium for healthy luscious growth. So, it’s worth giving up all those pizzas, burgers and fries and switch to some fish, lentils, beans, eggs, etc. 

3. Their stress levels are in control. Drop the stress and disagreements, and you will feel so much better! Exceessive stress levels could be a probable cause of hair loss. So, calm yourself down and try some yoga poses that work on reducing hair loss.


4. They don’t use too many styling products. Be cautious about ingredients like silicone, in shampoos and conditioners that are responsible to roughen your hair texture. You could use pure argan oil as a natural serum to eliminate frizz. ArganRain Argan Oil and ArganRain Hair Care Product are produced to make your hair pamper. They do not contain any chemicals. They also prevent hair loss, so They have you get closer to georgious hairs. 

5. They treat their wet hair right. Do not subject your hair to the rough towel-drying method or tying it too tight when wet. Leave it to dry naturally. This practice spares you from hair fall.


Once you’ve followed these tips, you will be all set and ready to show-off your beautiful gorgeous locks!