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Causes of Hair Loss in Woman

1. After the birth:
If a woman is pregnant, the estrogen hormones in their bodies at a high level. This helps to maintain healthy hair. But after the birth, her hair fall increases as the estrogen lowers down.

2. Medications:
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pill, high blood pressure pills, antidepressants, beta-blockers, and arthritis pills can cause hair loss in young women.
3. Surgery:
Surgery affects your health and hair. This also requires a serious medicines that can damage your hair and cause hair loss.

4. Crash diets or defects:
Lack of nutrients such as iron, omega-3 fatty acid, protein, vitamin C and zinc weakens the hair follicles in young women.

5. Stress:
Stress leads to production of androgens that make hair the follicles thin and the resulting hair loss.

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6. thyroid problems:
Thyroid disorders cause hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are hormonal imbalances that lead to hair loss.

Hair loss in woman leads more pyschological problems. Because hair is associated with beauty. You can protect your hair only with the natural ones such as argan oil. ArganRain Products contains pure argan oil and all pure ingredients, designed to take care your hair well. Discover your beauty with ArganRain !

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Water and Hair Growth

Lack of water causes dehydration, but very few people know that dehydration has a direct effect on hair growth. It is a common fact that our body is usually composed from 60 to 80% water. If it does not get the sufficient amount of water to maintain cell health and reproduction, it is dehydrated which effects hair growth. You can take hair vitamins and other hair growing supplements, but if you do not consume enough amount of water to meet your body’s daily H2O requirements, the cells that are responsible for hair growth, will not be able to grow and reproduce as a result, your hair is extremely dry and withered. This can stop the natural growth cycle of hair.


Benefits of water for hair growth:
1. Water is the root source of energy for every cell of the body. It also includes those cells which are responsible for hair growth and health.
2. Water nourishes cells and provides them with needed hair vitamins.
3. It generates magnetic and electrical energy, which is considered as core power in order to sustain life. This will be done through a process called hydrolysis.
4. The roots of the hair and our scalp have many energy-sensitive and light-sensitive nerve endings. Water activates all these nerve endings and other sensors in the skin and scalp, which improves the natural vitality of the hair roots.
5. Drink plenty of water can help get rid of dandruff and hair loss problem.

It is truly said that the water is life. Not only our skin and health, but water promotes hair growth and tend to fight with other hair and scalp challenges. Even mild dehydration can cause energy from the hair roots SAP and hair loss.

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Get benefit from water, drink enough water and keep your hair moisturized with the help of ArganRain.


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5 Tips for Smooth Hair

1. Use the shampoo suitable for all hair types:
A shampoo cleans scalp and makes the hair soft and supple. However, the shampoo should always be used which is suitable for the hair. For better results, wash your hair twice with the shampoo. ArganRain shampoo is suitable for all hair types and soothes your hair in order for you get smoother hair.


2. Rinse with cold water
This would be a very difficult task in the winter, but try to pay attention not use hot water to rinse the hair because it makes hair frizzy and rough. Cool water helps the hair cuticle close and lie flat and then your hair becomes smooth. It also de-fizzes hair.

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3. Say No to Chemicals
Do not use products containing sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate, since both are included by them industrial cleaners and are very hard on your hair. Most of the shampoos available on market involve these chemicals, thus avoid use them. has These chemicals cause extensive hair fall and hair thinning. ArganRain does not contain any of them and is suitable for getting healthy hair and reaching a complete hair care.

4. Trimming is important
As you all are aware that cutting the hair ends is necessary because it helps to remove the split ends of hair. The split ends give an appearance of dull, dry and damaged hair. Cut the hair in every 4-6 weeks.


5. Do not overuse the heat
Straighteners, curling iron, perming rod, etc. may be the best solution for instant styling but on regular use, these are very harmful for the hair. The heat damage the hair and makes them coarse and frizzy, by withdrawing the natural shine of the hair. So learn to love your natural curls.

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5 Types of Hair Fall in Childen

1. Tinea capitis:
Commonly known as ringworm of the scalp, it is a fungal infection. It can surface as scaly patches of hair loss either round or oval surface. Hair shafts can be broken off at the surface of the scalp and look like black dots.
2. Alopecia areata:
It is a non-contagious condition, by the immune system of the body and it attacks to hair follicles. It faces also as smooth / smooth, round or oval patches of hair loss without scaling or broken hairs. Some children also have pitting and ridging of the nails.It can be controlled with an appropriate treatment of the disease. Some cases progress to alopecia totalis or total loss of hair, while others lead to alopecia universalis or complete loss of body hair.

3. Trichotillomania:
Hair loss is caused by pulling, plucking, twisting or rubbing their hair. Patches are usually seen on the dominant hand of the child. This is often triggered by stress or anxiety in the child’s environment. Consulting is the best approach to eliminate the source that triggered the habit.

4. Telogen:
It is a situation in which sudden or severe stress interrupts the normal cycle of hair growth. This may have due to causes:
• extremely high fever
• operation under general anesthesia
• the death of a loved one
• a serious injury
• due to certain medications

5. Nutritional imbalance:
Hair loss can be a symptom of deficiencies / excess of certain nutrients, including its:
• A lack of vitamin H or biotin, vitamin B complex, the carbohydrates can metabolize energy into glucose.
A lack of zinc, an important mineral involved in cell metabolism.
• Excess of vitamin A.

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Your child deserves the best and the most natural shampoo and hair care treatment. Children’s hair are the most sensitive and their hair loss may be triggered because of many reasons. Sulphate and paraben free shampoos are the most suitable for them. ArganRain Products are sulphate and paraben free, totally natural and suitable for the usage of all ages.


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The Relation of Exercise and Hair Growth

Exercises can be considered as part of beauty and hair care routine. The best exercise for hair growth is cardiovascular, because the intense exercise increases the production of sebum, an oily substance that covers each hair strand and avoids  drying of the scalp and mane. Cardio influences the production of sebum by eliminating the toxins from our body.
• Release of healthy sebum is the best way to help exercise and sweating to contribute to better hair care. This can be gained by a steam bath in the sauna after an intense exercise session. Steam also enhances the production of sebum and triggers better and longer hair.

Hanging upside down may seem like a strange way to keep the hair healthy. Backbends or inverted poses can help hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the scalp . The bigger the oxygen taken by the cells in the scalp, the greater the chances are that you have beautiful long curls. It definitely decreases hair loss, and also increase hair production.
• Exercises that cause movement of the neck and head, are also very good to stop stress involved in the muscles, boosting blood flow and oxygen circulation. All these factors help to stimulate hair growth and ensure that your hair remains undamaged for a very long time.
Gymnastics is a great way to stimulate better hair growth. Stretching helps reduce the formation of acid in the cells and muscles, so reduces hair fall. Overall exercises should be compensated with a nutritious diet to affect both the body and the hair.

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In addition to exercise, ArganRain Products are the best to stimulate hair growth. Take advantage from the miracle of pure argan oil and release yourself to argan rain with arganrain.

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Home Remedies for Rapunzel Hair


1. Scalp Massage
Massaging your scalp helps improve blood circulation and thus stimulates hair growth and you need to do it only for about five minutes daily to get the results. Rub your fingers on the scalp in a circular motion with light pressure and kneading occasionally to open the blood vessels and increase blood flow.

2. Eggs
Hair is composed of keratin protein and eggs are a good source of protein. So they are useful for hair growth.

• Wipe two egg yolks and mix olive oil in two tablespoons. Apply the mixture on the scalp and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and then shampoo with ArganRain as usual way.
• Alternatively, mix one egg and a quarter cup each of yogurt and mayonnaise. Apply this hair mask and cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it for at least half an hour before rinsing.


3. Lemon juice
Lemons are rich in vitamin C and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid and other nutrients. Moreover, they are loaded with antioxidants. In addition to the growth of hair, lemon juice promotes smooth, glossy, dandruff-free hair. When applied to the scalp, it stimulates circulation and prevents hair loss. Do not over use lemon juice because they can lighten your hair color over time.
1. Mix one part lemon juice and two parts of coconut oil or olive oil.
2. Apply it on your hair and scalp and leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes
3. Wash it out and then shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo.
4. Repeat once or twice a week.

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4. ArganRain Argan Oil
ArganRain Argan Oil facilitates hair growth, because it is rich in omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E. The thick oil moisturizes the hair, adds volume, prevents frizzing and also fights infections of the scalp.
• Rub it on the scalp and massage. Leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes. Finally, rinse it and Shampoo with ArganRain. As the time passes, you will see the shine of your hair and witness your hair growth accelerator.

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What your hair says about your health?

1. Your hair is falling out.


This could signal a host of things. One of the quickest causes of hair loss is not getting enough iron in your diet (anemia). Because most iron comes through meat.

But outside of diet, hair loss is most commonly related to hormone imbalance and fluctuations like polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, and menopause. Changing or stopping birth control can cause hair loss as well. But it can also mean conditions ranging from diabetes to the flu. So if you’re really losing hair, best to check with a doctor.

2. Your ends are splitting.


While frazzled ends could merely mean it’s time to hit the salon for a trim, they might signal dryness or another complication. Also, how are you detangling your hair? Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair starting from the ends of the hair up to the root. This will help with split ends.

3. Your scalp is itchy.


Have you heard of sebum? It’s a slippery substance formed by the glands of our hair — basically, it creates a natural conditioner for the scalp. If your sebum levels are low, your scalp will often itch. Vegetables which are high in beta carotene (beta-carotene (carrots, pumpkins, etc.) can prevent this. You should increase your sebum levels and moisture your scalp more. You can do this with ArganRain Products. First shampooing and then massaging the roots with the argan oil will give natural moisture back to hair.

4. You have dandruff.

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It doesn’t mean you have a dry scalp. Dandruff is actually caused by a yeast overgrowth on an oily scalp. Don’t over-moisturize and stop cleansing. Vitamin B6 also helps to counter dandruff. It can be found in liver and egg yolk. ArganRain shampoo also helps to prevent dandruff by preventing oily hair and scalp.

5. Your curls are cracking.


Dry hair can mean a lot. First, you could be in an environment with extreme temperatures. So moisturize weekly, especially in winter or if you swim or dye your hair. Using 6-8 drops of essential oils like pure ArganRain Argan Oil is one of the best ways to add moisture.

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Hair Brush Advises

1. If a brush feels good on your hands, then it will feel beautiful in your hair. So, try the bristles on your hands before you buy.

2. There is a lot of variety when it comes to brushes and the right one for you may be available in your local stores. Use the internet or ask your hairdresser to order the special and the right brush for you. The difference that it make to your hair will worth the trouble you experienced.


3. A radial or round brush is great for your roots when blow-drying.

4. Brushes with holes in them (vent hairbrushes) allow the air from the hair dryer to pass right by them and enter directly into your hair roots and hair shaft for a faster, more targeted blow drying.


5. If you have a medium to long length hair then have a paddle brush. It will help you to achieve smooth locks while blow-drying.

6. The brush that you use is surely important for your hair. There is something that is very important as much as hair brush. That is your choose of shampoo and your hair care. Your hair is so fragile with respect of its structure. The important thing is to protect it from the roots. You can do it easily with ArganRain Products. Refresh and impower your hair thanks to ArganRain. Specially done for you!

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