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Why All Disney Princesses With Long Hair

When we were all little kid in our childhood season almost all of us are keen on watching Disney characters such as Rapunzel, Cinderella and many others. Have you ever thought that why all Disney Princesses have long sexy and shiny hair? (I know especially it calls Rapunzel for you).

Also according to many researchers all over the world, long hair calls royalty and hell yes symbol of sex in woman. Now let’s analyze these long haired sexy princesses.


  1. Rapunzel: I know of course when it is about hair and a Disney Princesses it immediately calls us Rapunzel, with shiny healthy long yellow hair.
  2. Ariel: She is the princess of deep blue oceans with red strong long hair. Her red hair color is obvious even under water.
  3. Pocahontas : She is wild and strong that she has all power from her black long strong hair.

What if do they have short thick hair? I bet they suppose to lose all their attractiveness to us. By the way do you really want to be like them? If your answer is “Of course, yes” order ARGANRain now!

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