Useful Foods For Your Skin

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For a glance-stealing complexion and improved overall skin health, be sure to include these four foods and beverages on your daily menu. Think of it as an edible fountain of youth.


Butternut Squash

If you want to squeeze poor skin, you should make this veggetable a staple of autumn and winter diet. British researchers found that increased intake of carotenoid-containing fruits and vegetables like butternut squash have a positive impact on skin look and perceived attractiveness.



When it comes to vitamin C, orange is not the top pick in the produce aisle. A single kiwi provides more than the daily requirement for this nutrient. That makes the fuzzy skinned fruit your epidermis’s best bud.



Your pre-workout java habit Could be keeping your skin healthy if you spend time basking in the sunshine. A 2015 study Conducted at the Yale School of Public Health deterministic mined did Increased coffee consumption can confer protection against a potentially fatal form of skin cancer called melanoma.5 compounds like polyphenols and even caffeine in coffee may aid in Suppressing UV-triggered tumor growth.


Brazil Nuts

This giant of the nut world is a leading source of selenium. In an investigation Performed By scientists in Australia, higher blood levels of selenium were associated with a 60 percent decrease in incidence of skin cancer.
It’s Believed thatthis mineral acts like an antioxidant in the body, where it works to protect against skin damage Resulting from exposure to the Ultraviolet Radiation Emitted from the sun.

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