Good advices, tips on reducing or stopping hair loss?

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ImageGood advices, tips on reducing or stopping hair loss? I am only 20 and I recently started losing a lot of hair on my head. I need some advices and tips how to reduce the hair loss or stop it. Thanks.


Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily and have a high protein diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Since iron-deficiency anemia can also cause hair loss,make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet that includes a daily serving or two of iron-rich foods. Also you need to use shampoo in which contains no chemicals such as Sulphate, alcohol, dye and silicone or paraben. My favorite is ARGANRain organic argan oil shampoo it is very effective to fight hair loss. My shedding has stopped after a few wash. Check out


Yazar: ArganRain Ultra Nourishing Products For Your Hair And Skin

ArganRain is a professional hair care products made with highly active and effective, modern and therapeutic extracts. Our ArganRain Hair care product is 100% safe without side-effects and ArganRain Pure Ultra Nourishing Oil (certified organic Cold Pressed 100% Pure Argan Oil). It comes from Morocco, we do not retreat it to offer you with its pure and natural aspect. Both are hair regrowth products, and anti-hair loss products. They revitalize and bring the hair and skin back into harmony.

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